About Us

About Us

We have spent over 15 years practicing Internet marketing and SEO. We offer a no-nonsense, straight forward option for business owners. Our emphasis, is results and we guarantee it. We don’t get results you don’t pay.

Local Position Marketing is based on the power of building great relationships and working together with your local community.

Getting you more sales is our Mission.

Everything we do is focused on finding new revenue & sales to local business owners and professionals. There is not a one fit system for everyone and most SEO companies just follow a cookie cutter check list and pray it works. When it does not work you, the business owner loose out.

Our Mission

LPM is a Veteran Owned Business Based in Anderson, IN. We pride ourself on our reputation as an SEO Company that can provide results. Once we have talked and agreed on a plan of attack for your business, we get started. You do not pay any additional fees until you get results. The evolution of search engine algorithms changes daily and we are constantly studying the changes and impoving our strategies.

Privacy Policy

Any info we collect will not be sold, exchanged, released, or distributed in any way. We have confidentiality with all our clients. We do not release any information about any one we work with unless they have authorized it. Your business and your details are safe with us. If you have questions just call or email us.


Proud Supporter of The Veteran Owned Business Project!