Local Advertising

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Do your local customers find you first when they need you? A quick way find out is go to Google and search. If you are a lawyer in Anderson Indiana, when you search for that term and you don’t show, you are loosing clients to the lawyers that do show up.

We can fix that and get you the business you deserve.

The first step to getting in the top of the search results is setting up your Google My Business page CORRECTLY. It is a simple process, but if done wrong than you will do more harm than good. Setting up a local business page is only the first step. After you get it up and optimized you then need to promote it. Then, you need to put a plan in place to get you past customers to give good reviews on your local profile and we can help with that also.

We can also help you setup a local advertising plan that gets you in front of your customers. Local Position Marketing is also about making sure people know your company before they need your products or services. You need to build a relationship so you are the first one they call. This can be done in many ways and not every business has the same budget or the same goals.

Below are a few examples of projects we have worked with clients to boost their local impact.

One of the most powerfull six term phrases is “It is for a good cause”. Have a fund raiser for a local group or charity. Get others to sponsor your even and the profits and proceeds go to a local beneficiary.

Networking groups are also a superb marketing platform that if done correctly can lead to a long lasting relationship with other companies and individuals.

We are currently working with a lender in Indianapolis that will be holding classes for first time homebuyers to educate them on the process. In return the lender will be who helps them secure their home loan.

Give aways, raffles, product reviews and contests are also a great all you have to do is get creative.